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  2. I’m not interested in football Tiffany Preston is one ugly bitch. Only takes one horny man to make her feel special and accomplished in life, though.

  3. Ron Paul jest jedynym prawym i uczciwym kandydatem jednak mam problem moralny czy chciałbym go widzieć na fotelu prezydenta.Titanic z wielką prędkością zbliża się do góry lodowej, nie ma szans żeby wyhamować lub ją ominąć a kiedy już zderzenie nastąpi to kapitan na mostku będzie obwiniany. I miałby być obwiniany ten kto ostrzegał o górze lodowej dawno dawno temu,wtedy kiedy można było jeszcze zmienić kurs ?

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  5. J’ai une solution pour tous : arrêtons de sortir de chez nous ! Simple, rapide & efficace. Le vélo, la voiture, la moto ? Tout cela coûte beaucoup trop cher : achat, essence, assurance et, bien entendu, petits radars de circonstances.Ho et puis n’oublions pas : la vitesse c’est dangereux ! Ne vous prions d’adopter un pas circonspect lorsque vous déambulez dans la rue. L’avenir appartient au chômeur qui marche lentement.

  6. i echo jon's sentiment on V.you can have significant inflation with falling V.if the real economy is flat, money grows 10% and v falls 5%, you still get a big jump in P.

  7. Ikke ante jeg at drivved og gammel høygaffel kunne bli sååååå stilig..Mannen her hadde digget det,men ungdommene hadde vel fÃ¥tt noe Ã¥ snakke(kjefte) om..Sende energi liker jeg pÃ¥ avstand,men healig foretrekker jeg Ã¥ gjøre nÃ¥r jeg samtidig kjenner deres energi..Ja!Mange dyr er veldig lette Ã¥ kommunisere med,og noen trenger samtale og healing vedr.traumatiske ting før de løsner “strømmen”..er min erfaring hvertfall..Herlig,kreativ dag til deg:-)Klem Randi

  8. Hej Anna Jeg har et spørgsmål i en lidt anden genre. Det kunne være rigtig sjovt, hvis du vil lave et indlæg om at være vegetar, og hvorfor du besluttede at blive vegetar! :D

  9. It’s Chris Samba for me. Not the most technical defender, but he’s no mug either. Tall, strong and a no-nonsense kind of player. And most importantly, he is used to English football, and unlike Gary Cahill, has a price tag that’s not outlandish.And he was born in France, which seems to be a plus on our team.

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  11. I am retired and building a wood shop. I bought a Grizzly 20 inch spiral planer, machine works well but factory (Chinese) did not tighten bolts on sprockets and outside chain got broken when small lower sprocket came off. Ordered new chain, told on backorder until July 11. I will because of your lack of parts inventory, not order any more Grizzly tools. Please add this to your list of compliments I just read. I bought rotocator, not good, pin sticks, I’m stuck with it.

  12. No mês 7 tive relação desprotegida, uso Diane 35 e tava com uma pilula atrasada, do mês 7 pra cá já menstruei 3 vezes nos intervalos do anti, mas mesmo assim estava com medo de estar grávida e fiz um testes de farmácia com a 1° urina da manhã e deu negativo. Posso estar grávida e menstruando? Se estivesse mesmo grávida e menstruando o teste daria negativo ou positivo?

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  14. Thank you. I also like selling covered calls as well. Selling puts to buy the stock then selling OTM calls 6-12 months out allows you to collect the premium from the put, the call, and also collect a couple dividends. I plan on writing more about that as well. Thanks for the comments.

  15. I think that absent the assurance that God’s honor has beensatisfied, standing before Him in the perfect truth that He cannot help exuding would be eternal torture. It’s not that God is pissed off; it’s that the dissonance of His beauty and our relative ugliness is something that He must provide atonement for us to overcome.

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  18. That’s a first..ahh my mama..I love her.! And yes..thank you Kymy for the blog post! Your girls are downright adorable and I can not wait to do a photoshoot with them and it was a complete pleasure to have you here and chat about fabric and clothes..my fave things too …no funny looks from me! Let’s get together soon.S

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  22. Holly, if you're reading comments, can you clarify? I googled and found a swedish mega store online but it is all in swedish! Or did you mean ikea? Would love readers to see a link if you have one.

  23. To delete, go to your library and hold your finger on the book you want to delete. After a moment, a bubble will pop up saying Delete Permanently? Select yes and there you go!

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  25. Yeah I agree. It’ll take a lot of work to beat D consistently. And my resolution is to finally take some staff pics for the page. It’s been the three muskateers on there for too long.

  26. 6 weeks ago, our son who serves in the USAF, transferred to Fussa, Japan for his dream tour in Japan. He has talked about Japan from the very start of his military career. Friday was a very long day till we heard he was ok. Now, with the threat of nuclear meltdowns, it is almost too much to bear. All we can do here is pray for the safety of all, and God's grace and comfort for those who have lost loved ones. Please donate! We have! Thank you to Jillian on updating what the commisary is doing on their base.

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  28. Obama mentioned space at one point. It's too bad they didn't pursue that.Possible talking points: (1) We need to make NASA look more like America, with aggressive race quotas. (2) We need a team of Gay Black Astronauts on the moon. HOPE/CHANGE.Break through the racist glass ceiling of the space industry!

  29. hahaha how funny, bought exactly the same top a few days ago! made an outfit post then, and combined it with some levi's high-waist shorts! the bag and the boots are really nice!X marlythatfashionthings.blogspot.com

  30. The whole concept was that the only truly non-violent means to revolt against The Establishment was to de-fund them.Wow, how original. That idea must have shaken the foundations of the conservative establishment at the time. Did you take a young Grover Norquist under your wing and give him that “baby in the bathwater” line too?

  31. Tricia – I love, love your BARN header photo! Fun to join your "Barn Charm" meme again this week but now I'm running out of barns….Your texturing technique is cool and artsy!Kind regards from the Rotary International convention in New Orleans

  32. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was the first “educational” blog I have ever read. As a Principal of a Midddle School, I have become very preoccupied with all things related to social media and how it is and should be intertwined in education. I found your comments insightful and very profound. Thanks!

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  34. Ben…you have always had a way of expressing the bittersweet things of life beautifully and honestly. My heart aches for you and Karen. Aidan is incredibly lucky to have you as his parents.

  35. I laughed so hard at your dinosaur phobia, sorry. I have a really odd one too. I am scared of swimming alone in a pool, especially above-ground, because I have this irrational fear that there is a STING RAY in the pool, skimming the ground, waiting for me. I can swim in the ocean, no matter how dark and seaweedy, but in a pool? and one that I have had since I was 5..NO THANKS, not solo!

  36. … y quién les ha dejado salir??!!Joder!!… con lo bonito que nos habría ido a todos si se hubiesen quedado todos dentro y se hubiesen comido los unos a los otros (aunque con la Natachorra ya habrían tenido como poco para tres semanas, Jajajajajaja)…

  37. You see, we need to do what Big Business wants because otherwise we'll lose our liberty or go bankrupt or something.But if we tax the corporations too much, they'll just move overseas and stop hiring Americans, so there won't be any jobs. Errr, wait…

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  39. Hi David. Glad you liked this post. I remember seeing Michelle Kwan skate her first Olympics plus Scott Hamilton doing perfect figures. Mainly because of their finesse coupled with the great sportsmanship they’ve always exhibited that I’ve really enjoyed watching this sport.

  40. sweetonda / Loving these snippets! You are one of a kind David. Love how you make all these covers your own. I love True Colors the way you see it and feel it. Thank you for this album. I can hardly wait to BEGIN. listening to it in it’s full awesomeness!!!

  41. Phewww!!….don’t know where your goin KH but you’re wastin your money, it’s fuckin roasting here in sunny Stoke!! …Amanda, I hope you’re topping up your suntan doing sum nude bathing, cause that’s what I’m fanasizing about right now! ..and I’m def enjoying getting wet on the inside Haha!Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxx Tony MrT

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  46. It's a nice story but I agree with Sonia, it could tighten it up a bit more, for example "A cough, which sounded as though the cougher were close to losing a lung, echoed through the chamber. " Rather than say all that describe the cough – a rasping cough, or gravelly cough echoed through the chamber etc.

  47. All that liberal hogwash about racist "code speak" and "dog whistles" is just more projection."Of course the right's rhetoric is furtive and baiting, ours is!Don't tell me they're not panicking in the face of demographic change–it's scary as hell!"But someone should tell little Lisa to tone it down. Way too obvious.

  48. There are no guarantees that you will be alive at 35. There are no guarantees that your financial situation will be better in 8 years. You should not put your life on hold just because you fear financial insecurity.

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  57. I so hope you are feeling better today – doesn’t it make you appreciate good health all the more when you don’t have it? I pray that you will be back at full strength very soon.May God bless and heal you!

  58. Hi Dorinda, I doubt that we could get an application approved by Christmas. I don’t have any older really well broke qtr type horses available right now. I have one that might be ok but he will not be ready for another month.

  59. lol TBH I don’t understand why it kind of operates like an untouchable trust as soon as you move across the border. Then again, taxation laws are typically illogical.

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  61. So glad you liked it! It’s one of my favourites. The writing is just so shockingly good. And Mantel somehow makes an old story seem fresh, and new, and even though it moved slowly chronologically, it was for me a total page-turner. I’m still rationing Bring Up the Bodies.

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  64. Excellent article. And not surprisingly the people pushing this stuff know very little about food or food production. (Have you seen what free range chickens eat???)

  65. I’m sorry you’re overdue, but it’s super cool you’ve got some extra time to spend with your little guy. And having those meals ready ahead of time is a genius move Lindsay recently posted..

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  87. Happy Anniversary to you both dear. It's wonderful when you find your should mate. Enjoy your time together. Love those earrings. Will miss you much! -xxoo

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  90. — he's actually doing great! With the notable exception of some bedtime issues of late, he's actually gotten more helpful and less destructive over the last few weeks. If this is five, then I want more of it.

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